Wildlife Photo Gallery and Contest

Photo contestParticipate in this year’s Wildlife Photo Gallery and Contest!

Professional and amateur wildlife photographers attending this year’s conference will be able to spotlight their outstanding work in our Wildlife Photo Gallery and Contest at the Raleigh Convention Center. The contest is open to all registered conference attendees and is a great way to share wildlife experiences captured on camera. Professional wildlife photographers local to the area will judge the contest, and attendees will get to enjoy each unique perspective on wildlife as they roam the gallery and vote for a People’s Choice winner. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winner of each category.



  • Must be a Conference registrant enter the photo contest
  • Entrant must have taken the photograph(s) and possess all rights to its distribution and use
  • Entries cannot include photographs submitted to a previous TWS Conference
  • Each entrant may submit a maximum of two photos per category (18 total)
  • Cost of entry is $5 (USD) per photograph
  • Images that have been slightly enhanced by filters or marginally altered to remove scratches or dust, may be entered in any category
  • Images that have been extensively altered by high dynamic range imaging, removal or addition of objects, or duplication of elements must be entered in the Creative / Comedic category
  • Images of captive animals or cultivated plants may be entered into any category, but this status must be described on the associated entry form; please refer to the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) standards for truth in captioning
  • Photographs captured and submitted to the 2016 TWS Photo Contest should adhere to the NANPA Principles of Ethical Field Practices


  • Amphibians & Reptiles (fish included in this category)
  • Birds
  • Invertebrates
  • Mammals
  • Game Cam
  • Human Dimensions
  • Landscapes & Still Life (flora)
  • Mobile Phone
  • Creative / Comedic

Judging & Awards

The panel of photography contest judges, composed of local professional photographers, will evaluate photograph submissions based on impact, clarity, composition, contrast, setting and lighting. Judging will take place Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016, at 12 noon. Conference registrants are welcome to attend. Conference attendees who visit the gallery will also determine a winner — People’s Choice — by voting for their favorite photo.

The awards will be presented at the plenary session on Wednesday morning, Oct. 19, 2016. Cash prizes will be awarded to the first-place winners in each of the 9 categories, as well as Best-in-Show (determined by the panel of Photography Contest judges) and People’s Choice (determined by votes from conference attendees). Photographs can be claimed at the photo contest registration desk between 12-5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016. Unclaimed photographs will not be returned.

How to Enter

  • To enter, fill out the Photo Contest entry form below. Entrants must attach their photos to the form as a .jpg (minimum 300 dpi). Up to 10 photographs may be submitted per form. If you wish to submit more than 10 photographs, please fill out and submit a new form. By submitting your photograph(s) to the Wildlife Photo Gallery and Contest, you agree to allow TWS to publish and distribute the image(s) in future TWS print and online materials with credit to the photographer.
  • Entrants must register onsite and submit hard copies of their entered photographs to the Photo Contest registration desk. No hardcopy prints will be accepted prior to conference registration. Onsite registration is available Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Entry fees must be paid onsite upon submission of hardcopy prints. Although the Photography Contest booth will be staffed, TWS does not guarantee security of the photograph(s).


  • Photographs must be captured with a digital or film camera
  • Photographs must be in color or black-and-white prints, with a minimum size of 8” x 10″ and maximum size of 8” x 12”
  • Entries must be mounted on a stiff 11” by 14” black backing
  • Framed prints will not be accepted
  • Any text that is not part of the original photograph must be completely covered
  • On the back of the photograph, place a label with the following information:
    • Category
    • Photograph title
    • Entrant’s name, address, phone number and email
  • Velcro tabs will be placed on the back of the photograph at the Conference, and a removable sticker will be placed on the front, for display and identification purposes
  • Submissions that do not conform to formatting rules may be rejected

Questions? For questions, please email Nick Wesdock, Operations Assistant, at nwesdock@wildlife.org.

Fields marked with an * are required

Entry fee = $5/photograph
Entry fees will be collected at the photo contest registration desk upon submission of hard copies of entered photos. If submitting more than one form, please select the total number of photos submitted with all forms.

For each submitted photograph, please write the category, genus/species, location, and approximate date the photo was taken. Please note if the photograph was altered in a photo-editing program. Please also provide a title and brief description of the circumstances surrounding the captured image, including any interesting and pertinent details (e.g. captive animal, a rare sighting, weather conditions, time of day, etc. ...)

All photos must be submitted electronically with this form AND in person as hard copies to the photo contest registration desk at the conference. ON-SITE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Hard copies of 8x10 in. or 8x12 in. on an 11x14 in. black backing must be submitted to the photo contest registration desk upon arrival to the conference. Please submit the highest resolution photo possible.

You may submit up to 10 photos per form. If you wish to submit more than 10 photos, you must submit another form.