SymposiaPreliminary Schedule

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• A Polarizing Icon: Research and Management of the Polar Bear
• Conservation of North America’s Boreal Forest
• Renewable Energy and Wildlife: A Global and Industry Perspective
• 2015 – A Diversified Profession: Are We There Yet?
• Emerging Topics in Aquatic Animal Health and Management
• Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenzas in North America
• Rangeland Wildlife in the Northern Great Plains: Engaging For Success!
• Integrating Resource Selection and Movement Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities
• Wildlife and A Changing Climate: Research and Management Challenges
• Ecology and Management of Wild Pigs in North America
• Indigenous Peoples Involvement in Wildlife Management
• Wildlife in Managed Forests: Perspectives for Northern Forests
• Concepts and Applications of Network Analysis in Wildlife Science
• Wildlife Conservation’s Dilemma: Fur, Feather, Fins, Steel, and People
• Wetlands of the Great Plains: Science Supporting Program and Policy Initiatives
• Quantitative Approaches to Wildlife Disease
• Conservation of A Great Plains Mesocarnivore – The Swift Fox: Past, Present, and Future
• Spatial Capture-Recapture Models: Methodological Developments and Applications
• Sage-Steppe Conservation: Crowd-Sourcing : A New Paradigm
• The Importance of Evolutionary Adaptive Capacity When Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change
• Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice to Manage Impacts to Wildlife Under the Combined Effects of Climate Change and Land Use